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Prudential (Cambodia) Life Assurance PLC (Prudential Cambodia) began operations in January 2013. By providing customisable life insurance solutions to individuals and families, Prudential Cambodia helps Cambodians protect and secure their financial futures.
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Our history

We are 172 years old, learn about our history.

Prudential was founded in the UK in 1848 to provide professional people with loans secured by life assurance. Prudential grew rapidly and by the 1900s the company insured one third of the UK population.​

In 1923, Prudential launched its first overseas life operation in Calcutta, India, and our insurance business expanded soon after in Malaysia (1924), Singapore (1931), Hong Kong (1964).

In 1994, Prudential Corporation Asia, our Asia Regional Head Office, was established in Hong Kong to expand our operations beyond Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong including Indonesia and Thailand (1995), Philippine (1996), Taiwan and Vietnam (1999), China (2000), Korea and Japan (2001), and Cambodia (2013).

Today, we are one of Asia's leading life insurers and one of the region's largest asset management companies.

With our significant portfolio of businesses, multi-channel distribution capabilities, strong strategic partnerships, customer-centric products and services, and considerable brand equity, Prudential maintains an unrivalled position for continued growth in Asia.

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We are the people that DO

We are the people that DO

”We DO” is a clarion call to the Doers inside all of us. Our “We DO” campaign celebrates the power of the human spirit and is inspired by the innovative drive and optimism in today’s generation of customers. We call it “We DO”, because we are focused on you.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to progress in life, and we are committed to being your trusted partner as you pursue your passions and navigate life's milestones. We share your pioneering spirit by driving innovation in everything we do. Every day, we serve your evolving health and protection needs, by listening, understanding and most importantly, delivering.

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