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Want to start your own business but have no capital? Want unlimited income? Want to have more employees to expand your business?
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PRUVenture is a program developed by Prudential Cambodia to train entrepreneurship for individuals who aspire to be a successful business partners with Prudential Cambodia.

To become our PRUVenture candidate, participants must meet all program requirements and go through a selection process by our program committee.

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Program requirements
  • 1 to 3 years’ experience (preferably finance, banking, community, education, and NGO)

  • Minimum high school diploma 

  • Minimum monthly income of 450$ (net salary plus other sources of income)

  • Minimum age 24 years

  • Willing to invest time as a full-time program

  • Ambitious and self-motivated

  • Mature and have a friendly attitude

  • Have a passion for communicating with people around you