Policy Servicing

We can help you manage your policy and provide you with additional service. This section gives you the details
Customer checking policy status online

Forms you will need

Which forms do I need to download?

I want to...


cancel my application or policy

Application and policy cancellation request

declare my health conditions

Health declaration form

request for maturity payment

Request for maturity payment

surrender my policy

Policy surrender request

change my signature

Signature specimen registration request

change my premium frequency or cancel my rider

Request to change premium frequency method or rider cancelation

change my information

Request to change customer information

change/add my beneficiary

Request to change beneficiary information

reinstate my policy

Request to reinstate policy

inform about my plans to travel and reside abroad

Notification of change in residence and travel

request to change the policy owner

Request to change policy owner

premium Reduction Framework

Premium Reduction Framework


Frequently asked questions

Where can I obtain a policy servicing application form?

You may:

  • Obtain the form from your Financial Consultant (FC) at ACLEDA Bank Branch

  • Contact our Life Insurance Consultant (LIC)

  • Visit our Prudential Cambodia Customer Service Centre

Download the form from above section "Form you will need".

How do I submit the application form?

You need to make sure all the fields are completed and attach relevant supporting documents such as the proof of identity and latest medical report. You can submit the completed form and supporting documents to us through your Financial Consultant (FC) at ACLEDA Bank Branch, Life Consultant (LC) or at our Prudential Cambodia Customer Service Centre.

How do I submit request for changing information or reinstatement of my policy?

You can apply changing your information or reinstatement of your policy by simply downloading the application form in the above section, take a selfie with your ID card, take a close up photo of your ID card, and send them to our email via pcla.alteration@prudential.com.kh.

How do I submit my payments?

You may pay via:

  • Standing order at ACLEDA bank or other banks*

  • Bank transfer at ACLEDA bank or other banks*

  • Cash payment at ACLEDA bank bank, or other banks* or Prudential Cambodia Customer Service Center.

  • Cheque payment at ACLEDA bank, or other banks* or Prudential Cambodia Customer Service Center.


* Note: You may pay via other banks: Canadia Bank Plc, Cambodian Public Bank Plc and ANZ Royal Bank.

How do I check the progress of my application?

You may contact your Financial Consultant (FC), Life Consultant (LC) or call our centre at +855(0) 23 964 222 / 1800​ 21 22 23. Alternatively, you can write to us at info@prudential.com.kh or pcla.alteration@prudential.com.kh.

How do I receive the reminder from Prudential Cambodia on my premium payment?

To assist our customers in accessing premium payment information, Prudential Cambodia has set up a series of information provisions. Our Customers can receive information via email, the phone call from our Customer Service representative, and SMS. You may view the below video for detail information.