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Loan Safe

Make sure your family inherits your dreams, not your loans. Secure your dreams with LoanSafe.

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An insurance plan that lets your family inherit your love instead of a loan.

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What is LoanSafe?

LoanSafe is a life insurance product package that provides protection on your loan to ensure that it will not become a burden to your family in case of Death or Total Permanent Disability (TPD).

Who is eligible to purchase LoanSafe?

You may purchase this plan if you are Cambodian citizen or who has been resident in Cambodia for at least 6 months and with bona-fide residential address in Cambodia, aged from 18 – 68 years-old.

What are the policy terms of this coverage?

Single Pay: 1- 25 years

What are the coverage options I can purchase?

LoanSafe  provides 2 coverage options of reducing term and level term on your loan disbursement amount, allowing you to customize the insurance cover requirement as per your outstanding liabilities. 

  • Reducing Term Benefit: Your Sum Assured will be reducing every policy month and in case of death/TPD, Sum Assured applicable at the time of death/TPD will be paid.
  • Level Term Benefit: Your Sum Assured chosen at inception of the policy will remain level through-out the policy term and will be paid, in case of death/TPD during the policy term.

What is the Sum Assured limit?

 Minimum requested loan amount is USD 1,000.

Is there any additional benefit if the unfortunate event happens due to accident?

Yes, Additional benefit of USD 3,000 is provided upon Death/TPD due to Accident.

Who can be the beneficiary?

Primary beneficiary is the Financial Institution, whose benefit is payable to the extent of the amount dues to the Financial Institution; the remaining benefit (if any) will be paid to other beneficiary(ries) assigned by you.


Note: The claim amount will be based on the initial schedule of benefit at the purchase and could be higher or lower than actual outstanding loan amount.