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Now you can manage your policy info within a few clicks on your phone with our Pulse app.
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Change Frequency (only Payment mode)
Reinstate your lapsed policy

Digital Policy Servicing

Manage your policy conveniently within a few steps

For all the digital policy servicing listed above (except Policy Reinstatement), please follow the below instructions: 

  • Step 1 
    Log into Pulse or click here
    Click on "PRUServices" button 
    Go to "My Policy" feature  
  • Step 2
    Choose a policy number and click "Change" 
    Click "Update Contact Information" 
    Choose the OTP method 
    Enter the OTP 
  • Step 3
    Edit the new contact information 
    Click "Save" and you are done. 

** Please note all the requests can be accepted only for In-Force policy. If your policy is in Lapsed status, please reinstate your policy first before proceeding to manage or change any of your policy information. 

Policy Reinstatement

How to reinstate your lapsed policy on Pulse?
We understand the hustle when losing the protection for your family. We offer the most convenient way you can reinstate your policy from anywhere and anytime.

Please follow the below instructions to reinstate your policy on our app, Pulse: 


  • Step 1 
    Click on "PRUServices" 
    And then click on Policy number (Lapsed) 
  • Step 2
    Click on "Reinstate" 
    And then, you will see the total premium of reinstatement. 
    Please fill in the Health Declaration Form as listed under the total premium of reinstatement by clicking in the box. 
  • Step 3
    Click on the "Declaration" box 
    Click on the "Confirmed and continue" button 
  • Step 4 
    Select payment method "Online Payment" and click "Pay Online" 
  • Step 5
    Select your payment method option - Banks / Cards / Wallet(Wing Account) Step 7
    Fill in your account number and card information as required 
  • Step 6
    Fill in the OTP (You will receive an OTP via SMS on your phone) 

    Click on "Pay Now" button  
    When the payment is successful, please click "Next" and then "Done" 


Now your policy is in-force.