PRUHero is a life insurance plan that allows you to set aside a fixed amount of money over a period to enable you to have funds for your retirement or large future needs or fund for your family should death or total and permanent disability occur.
Download Brochure Here
Download Brochure Here

Main Benefits

Death/TPD Benefit
Death/TPD Benefit
Receive the highest of Sum Assured, policy value or total premiums paid​ minus partial surrender (if any)
Maturity Benefit
Maturity Benefit
Guaranteed 100% of total premium paid of PRUHero if the premium is paid before end of grace period for all policy years with no partial surrender or claim during the policy term. The non-guaranteed maturity benefit is up to 138% of total premiums paid of PRUHero .
Critical Illnesses Benefit (optional)
Critical Illnesses Benefit (optional)
Receive 25% of Sum Assured upon diagnosis of early-stage condition (max $25,000) Receive 100% of Sum Assured upon diagnosis of late-stage condition minus early-stage payment, if any
Loyalty Benefit​
Loyalty Benefit​
Receive cash benefit as % of annual premium paid based on the prescribed policy year.
Surrender Benefit
Surrender Benefit
Receive full/partial surrender amount net of surrender charge based on policy year


What is PRUHero?

PRUHero is a life insurance product that allows you to have a fund for large future needs or for retirement through this product’s maturity benefit.  Should death or total and permanent disability occurthis plan will pay the sum assuredYou can also enhance your protection by adding  Critical Carerider which covers 50 critical illness conditions.

Who is eligible to purchase PRUHero? 

You may purchase this plan if you are:

Cambodian citizen or who has been resident in Cambodia, aged 18 – 52 years old. The expiry age of this plan is 65 years old.

What is the Policy Term duration for PRUHero? You may choose from minimum of 13 years to maximum of 30 years. 
What is the Premium Term duration and frequency for PRUHero?

Premium Term refers to the payment period of this plan and is equal to Policy Term. 

The premium can be paid on:

  • Annual
  • Semi-annual or
  • Quarterly basis.
What is premium and sum assured limit for PRUHero?

Minimum annual premium is $400 and maximum annual premium is subject to underwriting. Sum assured limit is based as followings:

  • If annual premium is from $400 to below $600, sum assured can be selected as 5 or 10 times of annual premium
  • If annual premium is from $600 onward, sum assured can be selected as 5, 10 or 15 times of annual premium
Is free-look period applicable for PRUHero?  Free-look period is applicable for 21 days from the issuance date should you decide to cancel the policy.



Death/TPD claim under PRUHero shall be declined due to any of the following:

  1. Suicide or attempted suicide, self-inflicted injury, whether sane or insane in the first 2 years of the policy; or
  2. Committing or attempting to commit a crime by the Policy Owner, the Insured, or the Beneficiary; or
  3. Drugs or stimulator abuse, abusively using alcohol or driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol.
Critical Care+

Critical illness claims under Critical Care+ rider shall be declined due to any of the following:

  1. Pre-existing condition
  2. Critical illnesses resulted from AIDS or HIV
  3. Early-stage critical illness diagnosed within the waiting period of 120 days or late- stage critical illness diagnosed within waiting period of 90 days.
  4. Early-stage critical illness condition diagnosed during waiting period and progressed to late-stage after the waiting period.
  5. Death of Life Assured within 14 days from critical illness diagnosis.
  6. Any covered critical illness condition or medical procedure caused by attempted suicide; alcohol or drug abuse; or while attempting to or while committing a crime.
  7. Illness caused by donation of the Insured's organs.

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