Prudential Cambodia Launches easylife - A Simple, and Affordable



PHNOM PENH (July 5th, 2016) – Prudential Cambodia announced on 4th of July that it is launching a new life insurance product called easylife to meet the fast-growing demand in Cambodia for simple and affordable life insurance that offers financial protection and peace of mind to people across the socio-economic spectrum.

With lower premiums and a simplified application process, easylife will help even more Cambodians start planning their financial futures and safeguarding the well-being of their families in the unfortunate event of their death or total and permanent disability.

“As our business has grown across Cambodia, we continue to gather feedback from prospective customers, our own staff and from our strategic partner at ACLEDA Bank that, as people learn more about life insurance, they want to have access to its benefits,” said Mr. Pankaj Banerjee, CEO at Prudential Cambodia.

“easylife is our way of ensuring that even more Cambodians can now benefit from the peace of mind that a simple and affordable life insurance policy can bring,” he added.

Prudential Cambodia is offering three packages with the “easylife” product – Standard, Standard Plus and Premium.

Under the Standard package, in the unfortunate event of death or total and permanent disability, the life insurance benefit can be up to $6,000. For this package, the insurance premiums are just $141.75 per annum for individuals aged between 18-35 years.

For the Standard Plus package, premiums for the same age group is $210 per annum with the life insurance benefit also higher of up to $9,000.

While the Premium package has a premium of $262.50 per annum and the life insurance benefit being up to $12,000.

All easylife policies have a 15-year term and have the unique feature of a guaranteed “no-claim payment” on maturity. Under this benefit, a guaranteed amount is payable provided no claims have been made against the policy and the policy is continued till maturity.

As well as the low premiums and guaranteed life insurance benefits up to $12,000, another attractive feature of the easylife policy is the ease of applying for life insurance. An applicant for an easylife policy needs to fill in a short application form and submit it to Prudential Cambodia who will process it in just a few working days. Unlike many other life insurance policies, easylife applicants do not need to undergo any medical examinations.

“We have worked hard to structure the easylife packages so that our customers can benefit from the guaranteed benefits for effectively as little as less than one dollar a day in premium payments,” said Mr. Banerjee.

“This is part of our vision of serving as broad a cross-section of the Cambodian population as we can with smart, accessible and affordable products backed by top-class customer service and the latest technology,” he said.

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