All fun and games for kids; parents learn more about saving for education

PHNOM PENH (March 8) - It is said that you learn more when you’re having fun, and for hundreds of kids and their parents who visited the Prudential Cambodia’s eduSAVE Carnival at Aeon Mall this past Sunday, the learning was easy with so much fun to be had.

Kids got to play and get stuck in some serious arts and crafts during the daylong event, which was the first out of five days of the Carnival. The remaining four days of carnival will be held at Aeon Mall at two weekends – on 14, 15, 28 and 29 March.

For their parents must have enjoyed the peace of mind that the kids’ activities gave them. And they had a chance to reflect on a future where they want the very best for their children.

Parents were introduced to Prudential Cambodia’s “eduSAVE”, a life insurance product that enables parents to save money for key moments in their children's higher education years while offering the peace of mind of knowing that if any unfortunate event befalls them, their children and their families will be provided for by the policy.

Prudential Cambodia also used the fun-filled atmosphere of the Carnival to introduce “eduSAVE” - a product package that was introduced in January 2015 and adds exciting new features to the eduSAVE plan. The additional benefits include special discount on premiums based on terms and conditions stated in the policy’s contract, special gifts from eduSAVE, and tokens to get a host of special offers from Prudential Cambodia's partners like bookshops and school suppliers.

“Education is of high importance at Prudential Cambodia– whether it be for kids through these fun games and activities or for their parents through introducing them to these life insurance products that are especially tailored for what is most important to them,” said Prudential Cambodia representative Chhoeung Kirirath, as he too enjoyed the carnival atmosphere.

Prudential Cambodia staff also took the opportunity to ask parents to fill in questionnaires about their living priorities, their financial hopes and their savings profile.

“We will use these questionnaires to get a better picture of what our customers want most from their life insurance policies,” said Mr. Chhoeung Kirirath. “Its only by listening to your customers that you can understand what they really value and then work with them to deliver on that,” he added.

“When my child grows up, it’s important for his future. If we are insured, we are less worried. When my son grows up, I feel more confident in his future. Insurance is good. I think that if I buy insurance policy [from Prudential Cambodia], and when my son is grown-up and wants to study or start up a business, he would have the money from our monthly saving,” said Ms. Cheng Liya, a mother of a three-year-old.

The eduSAVE Carnival will continue on the weekends of 14th, 15th and on the 28th and 29th of March 2015.

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