Prudential Cambodia and Across Asia Assist (AAA) have formed a partnership to provide Second Medical Opinion (SMO) services, and we're delighted to share it with you. We understand that your health is your top priority, and that's why we've teamed up to bring you the best in health and insurance services.


As a PRUMyHealth customer, you now have access to the Second Medical Opinion (SMO) program, which provides you with reassurance, peace of mind and confidence so that you can make informed decisions about your health. Through this partnership, you'll have access to world-renowned medical centers and experts who will examine your original diagnosis and treatment plan made by local physicians to give you a thorough second opinion.





What is Second Medical Opinion?

Providing you with reassurance, peace of mind and confidence so that you can make informed decisions about your health, with our free of charge service.

4 simple steps to get Second Medical Opinion

Terms and Conditions of Second Medical Opinion


Conditions not eligible for Second Medical Opinion

a. Medical emergencies or urgent life-threatening situations

b. Admission to critical care, in a coma, or in palliative stage.  

c. Daily or common issues, eg. flu, fever, cut wounds, etc.

d. Conditions or symptoms without any prior diagnosis

e. Exclusions as described under PRUMyHealth’s Insurance Policy.

i. Pre-existing conditions

ii. Conditions happen during the waiting period

iii.Treatment for congenital conditions

iv. Pregnancy or pregnancy complications unless specifically covered.

v. Treatment for impotence or sterilization

vi. Private nursing, AIDS and HIV-related diseases, and any communicable diseases required quarantine by law.

vii.Psychotic, mental, or nervous disorders

viii. Injury from Dangerous activities. 

ix. Suicide, attempted suicide, or self-inflicted injury

x. Criminal offense.

xi. Treatment by relative medical practitioner

xii. War, riots, Ionising radiations, Terrorism.

xiii. Not medically necessary treatment (includes Routine physical examinations, fertility treatment, cosmetic surgery, dental treatment, immunization injections, etc.)

xiii.Private flying other than as a fare-paying passenger. 

Please refer to the Insurance Policy for detail on the exclusion clauses. 


Detail information

What is Second Medical Opinion?

Second Medical Opinion is a free of charge value added service that Prudential Cambodia has offered to our PRUMyHealth customers. Prudential Cambodia has partnered with Across Asia Assist, who has access to world renowned medical centers and experts to provide professional second medical opinion service. 

Hence, under this service, the original diagnosis made by the local physician and the patient’s treatment plan will be examined by world renowned medical authorities and professionals. 

Who is eligible for this service? 

Customers who has in-force PRUMyHealth policy of any plan of Prudential Cambodia, and the disease conditions or diagnosis must NOT be within the exclusions listed under points below. 

Who are the doctors?

The doctors are US based American Board-certified practicing expert specialist and surgeons who will review your case. 

When is second medical opinion report provided?

Typically, you will receive the written report within 10 working days after all complete medical records have been received by the specialist.

How many times Second Medical Opinion service can be used?

There is no limitation on the usage within the covered period per Life Assured, but the Life Assured can only use the Second Medical Opinion service for different medical condition.

What is required for customers to provide to seek Second Medical Opinion?

It is important for you to get all copies of the investigations that have been carried out by the first consultant/treating doctor. These include surgical operative reports, biopsy reports, and copies of the discharge summaries. Secondly, get your first consultant/treating doctor to write down what is their planned treatment plan for you. 

It is your responsibility to collect your medical records, and Across Asia Assist will work with you to gather the relevant medical records and transmit them to the selected specialist. 


Once the SMO report is made available, the insured can make an appointment for one (1) telephone consultation with the doctor to further understand and review the report. For any subsequent request for telephone consultation, the cost shall be borne by the customer.

What is the next step after receiving the SMO report?

You can discuss the SMO report’s recommendations with your treating doctor. The information contained in the report may lead to the pursuit of a different diagnosis and/or new treatment plan. More importantly, it provides peace-of-mind to you and your family.  

What if the SMO differs from the original diagnosis and treatment?

You should discuss the outcome of the Second Medical Opinion report with your doctor. In certain cases, you may opt for a third opinion from a different specialist to provide further clarification. However, the cost of obtaining a third opinion will be at your own cost as your medical policy only covers up to one medical opinion per case. 

Is the treatment recommended in the SMO report covered under the insurance?

Not all services and care suggested in the Second Medical Opinion report are covered under your medical policy. It is important that you read and understand the exclusions in the policy. SMO is a service only and it doesn’t reimburse medical expenses from the recommended treatment plan.

Customer’s data privacy

All of your correspondence with Prudential Cambodia and Across Asia Assist will remain strictly confidential. We and Across Asia Assist will adhere to all applicable data protection laws when transferring medical records and details. 

What if you need urgent Second Medical Opinion report?

This program is not designed to handle medical emergencies or provide immediate treatment guidance. The turnaround time for this service is within 10 working days, from the time the complete records are collected. Please do not rely on the Second Medical Opinion program if you need to make decisions for urgent medical issues. 


We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of this Second Medical Opinion service or discontinue this service at any time without prior notice.