Breast Cancer Treatment Package

By Bangkok Dusit Medical Services in collaborations with Prudential
Breast Cancer

Prudential has partnered with Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) to provide its customers in Asia access to breast cancer treatment and other related services in Thailand.

Through this collaboration, all insured customers of Prudential in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar can seek treatment for breast cancer with cost certainty at BDMS’ renowned Bangkok Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. BDMS is the largest private hospital network in Thailand and has established Bangkok Cancer Hospital Wattanosoth, the first private cancer hospital in the country located within Bangkok Hospital.

Customers who are eligible and clinically appropriate for this value-added service will benefit from a predetermined ceiling amount for a 12-month treatment period, including both treatment costs and certain accommodation expenses. All or part of the treatment costs will be covered by any health insurance policies they may have with Prudential. In addition, customers will have access to translation services, airport pickups, and concierge services.


BDMS Has Developed the Regions First Breast Cancer Treatment Package:

  • Easy Access
  • Special Services
  • Great Outcomes
  • Inclusive Package
  • Diagnosis and investigation related to breast cancer
  • Treatment
  • Surgery and reconstruction (one side)
  • Radiation
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Accommodation
  • Inpatient accommodation at Bangkok Hospital during surgery
  • Accommodation during radiation and chemotherapy OPD treatment*
  • Management of direct complications from breast cancer treatment
  • Targeted chemotherapy medications except for Trastuzumab (Herceptin)
  • Genetic testing except Oncotype DX test
  • Immunotherapy medication


Any management or treatment of co-morbidities e.g. hypertension, diabetes

  • Recurrence of breast cancer within the one-year treatment
  • For eligible patients insured by Prudential LBUs within the Prudential plc Group in Asia excluding​ Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited seeking breast cancer treatment at BDMS
  • Diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer stage 0-3
  • For patients not over 80 years of age
  • Participating Hospital will utilize existing operational provisions and Prudential will utilize existing payment provisions if any or customers will pay direct to BDMS Participating Hospital.
  • One year period starts from date of acceptance onto program by responsible Doctor at​ Bangkok Cancer Hospital Wattanosoth regardless of treatment in home country
  • Hospital reserves right to deny acceptance of a customer onto program if the doctor determines patient is not appropriate for package or if diagnosis determines that It is a stage 4 breast cancer
  • Prudential will complete pre-screening of customers prior to customer traveling to Thailand and will refer each customer directly to Bangkok Cancer Hospital Wattanosoth. Customer will not approach Bangkok Cancer Hospital Wattanosoth


*Terms and conditions apply to ground transportation and accommodation.


What does the breast cancer package cover?

Once accepted into the program, eligible customers will receive cancer breast treatment at the Bangkok Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand on a fee-for-service basis that is guaranteed not to exceed THB 2.2 million. The program covers for one full year of treatment starting from the date of acceptance into the program.

  • Package inclusions: investigation, treatment, surgery, breast reconstruction (one side), radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy.
  • Accommodation: inpatient accommodation at the Bangkok Hospital and up to 60 nights of complimentary accommodation at the Chiva Residence during necessary outpatient treatments.

Please refer to the program flyer for more details.


What is not included in the package?

Targeted chemotherapy medication except for Trastuzumab (Herceptin), genetic testing except Oncotype DX test, immunotherapy medication, management or treatment of co-morbidities e.g. hypertension, diabetes, etc. Recurrence of breast cancer within the one-year treatment is also not covered.


Who is eligible for this package?

All insured customers of Prudential (i.e., those with an insurance policy with us, including individual and group insurance, life, health, CI and general insurance) in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar who have been diagnosed with breast cancer stage 0-3, of 80 years or below and considered clinically appropriate* by Bangkok Hospital. Non-insurance customers (e.g., fee-paying Pulse users) are not eligible.


*BDMS reserves the right to exclude customers that it deems to be clinically inappropriate for the package, including those suffering from stage 4 breast cancer


Do non-health policyholders have to pay for this package out of pocket?

Yes, and they will not be charged beyond THB 2.2 million.


Why is the service limited to breast cancer treatment and for 5 markets only?

Our claims data across our markets consistently show that cancer treatment is the highest health claim cost for our customers compared to other types of treatment.  In Hong Kong and Indonesia for example, breast cancer treatment accounts for over 25 percent of our total cancer-related health claims cost in each market.   

In line with customer research and feedback, we are collaborating with Bangkok Hospital to launch this service in 5 markets during the first phase. More markets and other surgical procedures will be explored in the future.


What documentations are required before being accepted to join this program?

Mammogram report, Pet CT report, pathology/Biopsy report and complete medical history report from specialists are to be submitted to Bangkok Hospital before a decision is made whether or not to accept the individual into this program prior to traveling to Thailand.


What happens if my breast cancer is diagnosed on two sides? Am I eligible to this service?

Unfortunately, no. The service package is only limited to single-sided breast cancer treatment.


Will BDMS be able to help to obtain visas for me and my companion(s) to stay in Thailand for treatment?

Yes, if the customer provides all necessary documents.


Will they pay for accommodation expenses if treatments are not required in hospital?

BDMS will provide complimentary (free of charge) accommodation for up to 60 days at Chiva Residence (continuous or intermittent) during radiation, chemotherapy and investigation after chemotherapy treatment. Any accommodation beyond the 60 days at Chiva Residence, alternative accommodation elsewhere as self-arranged by the customers, or accommodation for their travelling companions would be at the customer’s own expense.


Do they provide translation services?



Who is responsible for flight costs to seek breast cancer treatment in Bangkok Hospital?

It is at the own costs of Prudential customers.


Why is the service package not available to Prudential customers in Thailand?

In line with customer research and feedback, we are collaborating with Bangkok Hospital to launch this service in 5 markets during the first phase. More markets including Thailand will be explored in the future.


What is the procedure to get into the program if I have a health insurance policy with Prudential in these markets?

Contact our call centre at 1800212223. We will assist you further.


What is the procedure to get into the program if I do not have a health insurance policy but some other life/GI policies with Prudential in these markets? 

Contact our call centre at 1800212223. We will assist you further.



Is Bangkok Hospital a reputable hospital?

Yes, Bangkok Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand is the renowned flagship hospital of BDMS, where its on-premise Bangkok Cancer Hospital Wattanosoth has achieved some of the best five-year breast cancer survival rates in the world equivalent to or even surpassing those at hospitals in the USA or Western Europe.


What are the benefits/uniqueness of this service package?

Budget certainty at a renowned and affordable cancer treatment facility – Bangkok Hospital. The treatment will cover surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and reconstruction for the period of 1 year at a guaranteed maximum cost of up to THB 2.2 million.


The duration of the treatment package is for one year. When does the one-year period start to count?

The one-year period starts from the date of acceptance into the program by Bangkok Hospital. Any treatment beyond the one-year duration would be at the customers’ own expense.


I am a Prudential customer; will my policy cover the charges up to THB2.2 mil?

It depends on the type of policy you have with us. Your agent/financial advisor and our customer service team will be able to check this for you.


How long will the service be valid for?

The program will be valid till June 11, 2025, for eligible Prudential customers to be accepted into the program.


What is the objective of providing this service package?

This value-added service reflects Prudential’s commitment to narrow the health and protection gap by taking care of our customers and making such high-quality value-added services more affordable and accessible for our customers.


If I require treatment(s) other than what the package offers, will I get it? How do I pay for it? Will it be covered by my policy?

Customers are free to seek additional treatment(s) beyond what the package offers at their own expense. Please contact BDMS directly for other healthcare needs. For your specific insurance coverage, please contact your agent/financial advisor or our customer service team.

Contact your Prudential Representatives to begin your cancer treatment today.

For more information, please contact to our customer service (Toll free): 1800212223