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Free Protection $5,000 in Case of Death due to COVID 19 for ACLEDA Bank Customers

PHNOM PENH (23rd April) - Prudential Cambodia, a leading life insurer in the Kingdom, announced today it will offer Free $5,000 protection in case of Death due to COVID-19 for 45 days to the first 500,000 customers of its strategic partner Acleda Bank Plc who register using this form per the terms and conditions shown below.




Bringing this additional benefit to its customers in Cambodia underlines the company’s commitment to protecting the well-being of Cambodians across the Kingdom. Prudential has also taken the lead in responding to the public health issues caused by COVID-19 in its Asian markets through offering a range of additional benefits to its customers.


 “Prudential Cambodia’s is deeply committed to help improve and safeguard the well-being of the Cambodian families. We have worked to promptly offer these extended benefits to the customers of our strategic partner Acleda Bank Plc in Cambodia,” said Mr Sanjay Chakrabarty, Chief Executive Officer of Prudential Cambodia


“We continue to urge everyone across the country to follow World Health Organisation’s prevention guidelines against COVID-19, such as frequent hand-washing, staying at home if unwell and consuming meat products only if properly cooked,” Mr Sanjay Chakrabarty added.


As of 5th May 2021, there have been 15,361 cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Cambodia.


Free COVID-19 Protection Campaign Terms and Conditions for ACLEDA Bank Customers
  1. Free Covid-19 Protection (“Benefit”) is a free of charge benefit offered only to Cambodian nationals aged 18 years or older who are customers of ACLEDA Bank.
  2. In this Terms and Conditions document, “you” means the Covered Person. “We” and “The Company” means Prudential (Cambodia) Life Assurance Plc.
  3. After submitting the Form filled with the personal information, you may be eligible for the Benefit.
  4. “Date of Registration” means the date on which the covered person has submitted the Form.
  5. “Coverage Period” shall mean the period which this Benefit is effective. The Coverage Period for this Benefit is 45 days starting from the Date of Registration.
  6. “Covered Person” means the person who shall fill in and submit the Form, successfully registered by following this Terms and Conditions, and will be eligible for the Benefit.
  7. “COVID-19" means a confirmed case confirmed by the report of the Cambodian Ministry of Health.
  8. The Covered Person must not register or be entitled to this Benefit for more than once. If the Covered Person has repeatedly registered for this Benefit, the Coverage Period will be determined based on the earliest Date of Registration.
  9. In the event of valid Death Claim due to COVID-19 happening to the Covered Person during the Coverage Period, Prudential will pay a lumpsum Benefit of $5,000.
  10. If the Covered Person is entitled to other Free COVID-19 Coverage offered by Prudential, including the free coverage for Prudential Staff, Prudential Customers, or Prudential Partner Staff, this Benefit will not be applicable.
  11. The Company is liable to pay the Benefit to the person(s) entitled to receive the Benefit according to these Terms and Conditions, provided that the Company receives required and satisfactory evidence for claim settlement. The following documents shall be required for the assessment of the claim:
    1. A completed form, as per the Company standards requesting the payment of the Benefit; and
    2. Appropriate evidence of the right of the claimant to receive the Benefit; and
    3. All relevant documents such as Death Certificate, evidence of Accident and other certifications issued by a competent authority, with the costs of these certificates to be borne by the claimant; and
    4. Any other facts and/or documents which the Company may consider as material to the assessment of the claim, with the costs to be borne by the claimant
  12. Covered Person should alter the Beneficiary/Beneficiaries after the registration is completed. If no beneficiary is altered, the Benefit would be payable based on the below hierarchy:
  13. We reserve the rights to change this Benefit without any notice. In case of any dispute related to this Free Protection, we will have the final decision.