Prudential Cambodia Promotes Understanding of Life Insurance with "Think Life Insurance"



Phnom Penh (September 13, 2016): Prudential Cambodia last weekend successfully launched a program to encourage more Cambodians to familiarize themselves with the workings and benefits of life insurance through the internet, particularly their new micro-site

In rolling out “Think Life Insurance,” Prudential Cambodia aims to educate those who might still be unfamiliar with the service.

Head of Brand and Communications at Prudential Cambodia said, “Prudential Cambodia has prioritized educating the public about life insurance from the beginning. ‘Think Life Insurance’ is the next step in our effort to inform and explain a growing demographic of customers who are interested and curious about the life insurance service.”

“In celebrating the launch of ‘Think Life Insurance,’ we’ve set up many activities in Phnom Penh and four provinces namely Siem Reap, Battambang, Preah Sihanouk and Kampong Cham. This is ultimately a long-term educational online endeavor, and we believe that it would contribute greatly to the development of the life insurance sector in Cambodia,” she added., the key achievement of this program, is a micro-site created by Prudential Cambodia that is teeming with features such as page detailing key information on life insurance, page detailing life insurance benefits, customer comments, and event calendar. In addition, the micro-site also provide educational fun such as a quiz that helps you assess how well you have prepared for your financial future, a tool for calculating your financial situation and useful tips for thought. These are valuable tools because they help the public to get comprehensive information about life insurance online, in Khmer language, quickly and easily.

To disseminate information on this program to the public, Prudential Cambodia organized event on the ground of Aeon Mall Phnom Penh last weekend. Guests tried out a palm reader app that reminds them via written message of a simple fact: The future is uncertain. But Prudential Cambodia wants to reassure people that despite the uncertainty, there are still options they can take to protect the future financial of their family and loved ones through life insurance.

Prudential Cambodia will also organize good activities in the four provinces mentioned over the course of September to get the words out to even more people. Guests will be welcome to partake in games led by an MC and try out a photo booth. The activities are not only fun, but also informative and focus on educating people on the benefits and importance of life insurance services.

Since entering the Cambodian market in 2013, Prudential Cambodia and its charitable arm Prudence Foundation have been striving to help the nation learn more about life insurance.

In 2016, Prudence Foundation partnered with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport to launch a Cartoon Network program to encourage children to learn the basics of saving money, and Prudential Cambodia set up a toll-free line available to any member the public.

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