You can get financial protection up to USD 500,000 by investing just USD14 per day*. You have full flexibility to choose the protection amount that best suits your need. 

Product Details

Age limit

18-60 years (age at last birthday)

Maximum age at end of policy term

70 years (age at last birthday)

Policy Term

10years to 30years

Mode of Payment

Monthly, Annually

Method of Payment

Bank Direct Debit, Wing or Cash

Claim amount if death or TPD not caused by an accident


Claim amount if death or TPD caused by an accident


Some risks which will be affected to your family. Major risks that affect you and family.

in case there is an unfortunate event that lead to death or total and permanent disability your family will face below situations:

  • Negative impacts to your business operations or source of income resulting in financial loss
  • Your legacy (such as your home, business, business partner) could be at a loss
  • Your personal or business debt may become the burden on your family
  • Your family's living conditions and children's education could be negatively impacted without any financial security.

Example: Mr. Pisal is the owner of ABC Co.Ltd, a clothing distribution business. He is personally in charge of the company and has full authority on every decision in his business. Below are the details of his wealth


Annual Income



USD 50,000

Property including business and personal

USD 150,000


In case an unfortunate event happens to Mr. Pisal, that leads to death or total and permanent disability, his family will face income difficulties. 

Mr. Pisal needs a long-term financial protection in order to relieve the burden of his family if any unfortunate event occurs to him. Therefore, he purchases  with a policy term of 30 years. Furthermore, he feels his family should at least have 5 years of his annual income (USD 40,000 X 5 = USD 200,000) to sustain them through a difficult period


These are the protection benefit that Mr. Pisal can have through  

Policy Term

30 years

Annual premium paid

 USD 2,085.44**


His family will be offered the Sum Assured amount immediately in case of death and permanent disability as below:

Death or TPD caused by an accident

USD 400,000 (200%), which is 10 times his annual income

Death or TPD not caused by an accident

 USD 200,000 (100%), which is 5 times his annual income


 is a solution that fits to your situation:

This is how can help you:

  • Sum Assured can help you by giving you times to resolve the current financial crisis, if any;
  • Sum Assured can be used to protect your legacy such as your house and business;
  • Your family can use the Sum Assured to settle business or personal debt when you are not around;
  • Sum Assured can be used to deal with the expense burden of your family and children’s education for the time being. This includes financial solution to create new business or employ professionals to manage the business for you.

* Premium payment is different based on Age, Sex, and Policy Term. The above value is an example for standard health for Male, aged 35 and Policy Term 30 years.

** Annual Premium payable is for Standard Male, aged 35, Policy term 30 years, taking into account the Non-cash payment. Tax, if applicable, will be charged as per prevailing tax rate.

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