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Secure your family’s happiness with a comprehensive life insurance plan

Life insurance plan that maximizes protection to you and your dear ones in case of an unfortunate event



Premium Payment Term


Discount on annual Premium for standing order


Discount on annual Premium for Sum Assured ≥ $25,000

Product Details

Age limit

18-50 years (Age at last birthday)

Maximum age at end of policy term

60​ years (Age at last birthday)

Policy Term

10,12,15 (years)

Mode of Payment

Annually, Semi-annually or Monthly

Method of Payment

1. Cash

2. Standing order

Maturity Benefit


Death and TPD Benefit

100% of Sum Assured for Normal Death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) and 200% of Sum Assured in case of Death or TPD is caused due to an accident.

Discounts on Premium

1) Get 2% discount on annual premium mode of payment if using non cash method of payment such as Standing Order. 

2) Get 5% discount on premium for Sum Assured greater than or equal to $25,000.

Minimum Sum Assured


Parent Coverage Benefit rider with a minimum Sum Assured of 5 times the Sum Assured of the basic plan should be bought with PRUmy family.



  • Guaranteed Maturity benefit payment at the end of policy term, if the insured event does not take place during the policy term. The Guaranteed Maturity Benefit for 10-year 12-year and 15-year policy term is 100%, 105%, and 110% respectively of the sum of all annual premiums paid
  • The premiums are Guaranteed and will not change during the entire policy term
  • Flexibility to match the policy with individual needs, with a 5-year premium payment option, while enjoying full protection coverage over a policy term of 10, 12 or 15 years
  • Additional protection with Rider benefits - Protection for up to two people by paying marginal additional premiums

Parents coverage benefits allows you to have additional life insurance for your spouse within the same policy. This cover can also be purchased by you to enhance the life insurance benefits.

  • Under this rider, in case of occurrence of the insured event, 100% of the sum assured of this rider is payable. If the insured event occurs due to an accident, 200% of the sum assured of this rider is payable. However, specific rules apply for the amount of sum assured that can be purchased for the spouse.

Family Income Benefit Rider* Allows you to guarantee a fixed annual amount payable to your family in case the insured event occurs. This benefit can be purchased for you as well as your spouse.

  • Under this rider, in case of occurrence of the insured event, 100% of the sum assured of this rider is payable annually till the end of the remaining policy term.

These riders do not have any maturity benefits. 



*You can choose a Sum Assured of Family Income Benefit rider up to 50% of the basic plan Sum Assured.

Mr. Yarith 31 and his Wife Mrs. Sokunthea 29 are working in a private company. They decided to purchase PRUmyfamily with annual premium

$1,507.34* of Sum Assured $20,000 for 15 years policy term with details as below.


- Additional $100,000 of Parents Coverage Benefit rider for Mr. Yarith himself for 15 years

- Family Income Benefit of $5,000 for both of them with Rider Term 15 years 


He will get the benefits as shown below:

If an unfortunate event does not befall them
Maturity Benefit $10,998.90**


If an unfortunate event befalls them
  Mr. Yarith

Mrs. Sokunthea

PRUmyfamily benefit in case of an unfortunate event leading to death or Total and Permanent Disability


Non Accidentally




Parents Coverage Benefits

 $100,000 OR $200,000***  
Beneficiary will recieve a Family Income Benefit at every policy anniversary following Death or Total and Permanent disability till the end of rider term $5,000 $5,000



*This value does not include any tax or discounts.

** ​Calculation of Maturity Benefit is based on the annual premiums (when premiums are paid using the annual mode). They do not include any extra premiums, any discount and any taxes that may be levied on the premiums.

*** for accidental death or total and permanent disability.

This is to be used for marketing purpose only.  For a detail illustration  please consult with Financial Consultant (FC) or Life  Insurance  Consultant (LIC).  

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