Prudential Cambodia unveils bold and dynamic customer-focused “We DO” campaign



16th January 2019 – Prudential Cambodia has launched “We DO”, a bold and dynamic campaign that introduces a vibrant, fresh look to the trusted brand, anchored by Prudential’s commitment to customers: “Listening. Understanding. Delivering.”

“We DO” celebrates the drive and optimism of people looking to progress in life. As the country’s leading life insurer, Prudential Cambodia is proud to be a trusted partner to its customers as they pursue their passions and navigate life’s milestones.

Prudential Cambodia Chief Customer and Marketing Officer (CCMO) Mr. Horng Vuthy said, “We DO means we are a part of our customers’ world. Our brand commitment “Listening. Understanding. Delivering.” reinforces our focus on human connections, simplicity and innovation for our customers. In this highly digital, interconnected world, we will continue to deliver to them the same excellence in care and service that we are known for and enhance their experience and long-term relationship with us.”

“Listening. Understanding. Delivering.” means:

  • Focusing on customers, anticipating their needs and enhancing their experience with easy access to information and services.
  • Delivering comprehensive solutions for protection, health & wellness, savings and retirement.
  • Capturing innovation with a human touch.

The “We DO” campaign will be rolled out in 10 of Prudential’s markets in Asia, including Cambodia. It presents a series of themes including Innovation, Money, and Fitness, and builds on Prudential’s strategic focus to help protect customer’s health and grow their wealth.

Since establishing operations in 2013, Prudential Cambodia has been committed to serving the protection needs of Cambodian and helping to secure their long-term financial future. The company has issued over 150,000 policies with a total amount of savings and protection coverage of US$3.5 billion (as at July 2018). Entering into the new year, Prudential Cambodia will be focusing on innovation as one of its strategic priorities with the aim to create more seamless experiences for its customers and facilitate business processes.

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