Calling Prudential Cambodia’s toll-free line 1800-21-22-23 today for life insurance consultation is at zero cost



Now Cambodian customers and the general public who have questions about life insurance can call Prudential Cambodia via a new toll-free line at zero cost. The toll-free number is 1800-21-22-23, and will serve customers throughout office hours from Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m to 6:00 p.m.

Mr. Pankaj Banerjee, CEO of Prudential Cambodia, said that the company is always looking for ways to remain in close contact with its customers and the general public. The launch of the new toll-free line is yet another step in making it more convenient for customers to contact Prudential Cambodia because now the company is paying for their calls. Moreover, even if customers have no credit in their phones, they can still call the toll-free number.

“With the launch of this new toll-free line, Prudential Cambodia is encouraging customers who have had questions about life insurance to contact us to get the appropriate consultation on their protection and savings needs and learn more about life insurance,” added Mr. Banerjee.

Prudential Cambodia’s new toll-free line will operate separately from the company’s existing contact number (023 964 222). The existing contact number (023 964 222) will remain open and can be dialed from anywhere in the world as it has always been; however, customers calling via the 023 964 222 number will be charged as per their regular call rates.

Like the current contact number, the new toll-free line is connected to Prudential’s Customer Information System. An existing customer calling from their disclosed number will be identified and their detailed information will automatically appear on the customer service provider’s computer screen, eliminating the need for customers to provide their details upon connection, hence saving them valuable time.

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