Phnom Penh: To help manage a growing client base spread across all of the Kingdom's 25 Provinces, the leading life insurance provider in Cambodia, Prudential Cambodia has rolled out a series of digital innovations designed to streamline operations, improve efficiency and make things easier for its customers.

Prudential Cambodia has re-designed many of its administrative processes to take advantage of evolving technology. Doctors can now e-mail medical reports to the company so that insurance application decisions can be made more quickly, and provincial Life Insurance Specialists (Prudential Cambodia’s sales representatives) can download customer forms online without having to go through Prudential Head Office – all of which allows employees to spend more time helping customers.

“The idea is to re-engineer our services to use resources in a more efficient way and deliver a better experience for our customers. Nothing can replace the trust generated by a simple handshake or smile, but there are some parts of the process that can be made easier for customers through automation,” said Mr. Looi Puey Chyan, Chief Operations Officer of Prudential Cambodia.

Clients with an email address can also receive automatic updates, e-cards and newsletters, and can get in touch with Contact Center of Prudential Cambodia using a simple one-click system.

The new processes represent just the latest step in the company's efforts to engage more with customers and improve their experience using new technologies. Prudential Cambodia's team has just put in place the company's telephone system which could recognize the customer immediately based on the phone number.

“We really want to keep our customers engaged and want to enhance their experience of doing business with us. As a company, we are constantly looking for new ways of doing things, and that's what sets us apart,” said Looi.

As well as increasing efficiency, Prudential Cambodia is using technology to help build a stronger bond with its customers.

“We want to share our customers' joy on happy occasions. On their birthday or during holidays like Khmer New Year, we send out (link to) special e-greetings cards featuring colorful animations and cheerful music,” said Looi.

Since they started reaching out to customers online, the company has seen a huge increase in visitors to their website – with almost 3,000 new visitors to the site and an average of 100 visitors per day during the first five months of 2015. The company now contacts around 30 percent of its clients by e-mail as well.

The company believes this kind of service will help foster technical innovation within Cambodia. All their digital and automated services were designed and produced within the Kingdom, by Prudential Cambodia staff.

These latest advances also includes the launch of PRU@service, which allows Prudential customers to access insurance services from 80 ACLEDA Bank branches.

The Customer Service Charter is Prudential Cambodia’s commitment to provide proactive, accurate, customized and efficient services to all its policyholders, through a team of dedicated customer service staff and sales force who are all ambassadors of Prudential Cambodia.

And with the company constantly looking for new ways to improve, customers can expect to see more innovations from Prudential Cambodia in the near future.

Prudential Cambodia has been blazing a trail in the country's emerging life insurance sector. We have grown fast to become the clear market leader, not just in terms of market share and having sales and support services in every province. We will never stop our efforts to engage with our customers and better enhance their experience. The journey has begun...,” said Looi.

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