Star Light

Happy Khmer New Year with Star Light from Prudential Cambodia


Unsung Hero: Mr.Ouk Vanday

Every sacrifice parents make for their children’s future is priceless.Find out ​what Mr.Ouk Vanday’s parents had done to get him today’s successes.

Say It Before It’s Too Late: Technology Disconnect

More than half of the people in Cambodia believe the time they spend on their phones has a negative impact on their relationships. Could listening and understanding provide a better way reconnect?

Unsung Hero(អ្នកមានគុណ)

Prudential Cambodia is proud to introduce our new 2018 series, “Unsung Hero”. It revolves around the eternal and sacrificial love parents have for their children, in regards to their education.

Unsung Hero

Today's success a result of parents' sacrifices.

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