Prudential Cambodia takes life insurance education to Battambang, following its inaugural seminar in Phnom Penh

Battambang, Cambodia, May 4th, 2013 – Prudential Cambodia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of UK-based Prudential plc, having joined forces with the Ministry of Economy and Finance to educate Cambodians about life insurance, conducted a life insurance education seminar in Battambang, a first of its kind in any province, after starting the initiative in Phnom Penh in April. In line with its and Ministry of Economy and Finance’s objectives of providing relevant and useful information about life insurance products to the Cambodian people, Prudential Cambodia in association with Ministry of Economy and Finance is conducting a series of life insurance education seminars across various cities and provinces of Cambodia this year.

The life insurance education seminar took place in Battambangce on Saturday 4th May at Khemara Battambang 1 Hotel in downtown Battambang. More than a hundred people in Battambang from various backgrounds attended the seminar.

Commenting on the initiative Mr Pankaj Banerjee, CEO of Prudential Cambodia, said "Life insurance is principled on financial protection for families. As such all families generating income have a need for life insurance, irrespective of their location. We are pleased to see the keen interest in the concept of life insurance amongst the people in the provinces.  We remain committed to raise the awareness and understanding of life insurance among Cambodians across locations and in the provinces. We are also very grateful for the Ministry of Economy and Finance’s support and participation in this education initiative.”

Through these seminars, Prudential Cambodia aims to educate customers in the provinces on the benefits of life insurance and inform them on planning for their financial future with life insurance products. Attendees will also gain insights into Prudential Cambodia’s flagship life insurance product “PRUmyfamily" and its unique customer benefits.

Speaking about the educational seminars, H.E. Mey Vann, Director, Financxial Industry Department, Ministry of Economy and Finance, said: “There is no doubt that life insurance will be essential in helping Cambodian families in the provinces to protect their loved ones while saving for their children’s future. Life insurance is a long-term financial protection product that we recommend every family to consider – in the provinces and in Phnom Penh and other cities. As the regulator of the life insurance industry, the Ministry is very keen to ensure that there is appropriate consumer education with regards to life insurance in Cambodia and appreciate the participation and involvement from the industry, as demonstrated through this initiative by Prudential Cambodia.

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